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"Work like you don't need the money;
dance like no one is watching;
sing like no one is listening;
love like you've never been hurt;
and live every day as if it were your last."

~ Old Irish Proverb ~ Author Unknown ~
~ Health in mind, body & soul.... Namaste. ~
~ Dolphin. ~

Thursday, January 28, 2010



Red, yellow, green, blue - brightens,
shimmers, glows,
and dims and fades into
just color

no longer wisdom, no longer insight
just purity and shades of en-light-en-ment

just glimpses of what
lies between
the cracks of eternity

just flashes of what
lies beyond
the narrow confines of the mind

all around
and deep inside
bright and fading
blinding and contrast
everything and nothing

just color

Copyright: Michelle L. Marcicki (Dolphin)
Written: March 13, 1996

[UPDATE: February 27, 2010.. actually February 25, 2010..
I found the soundtrack for this poem.. should be linked in now, but blip.fm link below too!

~ Zebra and Snake - (MISF*TS remix) http://blip.fm/~ltwcg

NOTE: There are like 7 mix/remix version (that I know of) of this song.. listen to them all. Some of them are so different you wonder if they are same song.. Most of them kick ass.]

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